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Isolario, compass rose and offerings to the wind

Valentina Bartolini


‘It will rain if  bats cry much or fly into the house’.
‘When many bees enter the hive and none leave it, rain is near’.
J. Inwards, ‘Weather Lore’

The behavior of animals is an indication of the weather; their reactions were signs of its state.
Weather lore is often contradictory, betraying reason, deterring the understanding of the meteorological processes.

What are the signs of rain, of fair weather?

A Florentine monk observes these signs and contemplates the signals of the weather; how to judge and respond to them, to wind force or direction.

If the weather allows for the sailing of his boat. He learns to live alongside the volatile weather conditions. His path is formed parallel to the weather.

He composed an isolario of sonnets from his voyages. He describes the coastline, forests and monasteries of the terra incognita.

He observes the cycles of the compass rose, he studies his routes. These tools help him navigate his etching direction, unlocking his orasis.

But no, he almost forgot. He must satisfy the wind.

A deposition of offerings dedicated to the deities of winds.

Valentina Bartolini is a visual artist based in Athens.

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